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We have led successful client engagements across multiple industries with a strong focus on tangible and measurable results.

Industrial OEM



  • Service Parts Business Unit within industrial valves division was unable to meet quote demand to price parts


  • Detailed review of pricing models for complex valve parts was conducted which standardized the process and improved the approach

  • Software selection process for commercial solution was conducted

  • Managed implementation project for pricing solution to automate and accelerate capabilities to price parts and product customer/dealer quotes


  • Implemented solution is highly responsive resulting in higher win rate, replacing older cost-based prices with value-based prices, and resulting in 10-15% higher revenue while maintaining profitability targets

Fleet of Trucks
Heavy-Duty Truck OEM


  • Heavy-Duty Truck OEM utilized multiple methods of categorization of parts but had not developed comprehensive method for managing prices


  • Reviewed taxonomy of parts related to pricing

  • Recommended approach to blend competitive categories with attribute-based categories in common model

  • Developed and implemented pricing policies into service parts pricing software


  • Improved capabilities to dynamically reprice service parts resulting in reduction of market share loss and improved profitability

shutterstock_1324989488 copy.jpeg
Paints and Coatings Supplier



  • Unprecedented supply cost increases during the pandemic was rapidly eroding profits for a $3B+ automotive division of a global supplier of paints and coatings


  • Conducted pricing analytics based on customer/plant

  • Developed pricing model and targets to standardize sales approach including index-based contract terms for selected customers

  • Developed and conducted sales customer-specific pricing strategies, pricing target calculations, and objection handling


  • Client successfully renegotiated multi-year contracts to include accommodations for supply cost increases and restoring profitability to pre-pandemic levels

medical tray.jpg
Medical Equipment Manufacturer


  • Private equity portfolio company, having grown through many acquisitions globally, was experiencing highly variable revenue and profitability results across acquired locations


  • Conducted data analysis and detailed executive interviews which demonstrated that different approaches to costing and pricing build-to-order equipment produced drastically different results

  • Developed standardized pricing process flows, implemented centralized pricing function and developed tool for pilot rollout to ensure pricing targets were met


  • Pilot process demonstrated potential for revenue improvements of >10% which led to client planning and executing full-scale company-wide deployment

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